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Shit Happens.. English Edition


Shit happens.. Yes life isn't easy.. Shit Happens is a hilarious and disgusting, but lifelike party game. You come across all kinds of unwanted situations that you have to rank on your lane of pain that runs from 1 to 100. Which is worse? “Seeing your father naked” or “Wetting the bed every night”?

Game description
All cards in this deck are ranked from 1 (not bad) to 100 (very bad). Each player is dealt 2 cards, which he/she places in front of them in ranked order (least left, worst right). This forms the basis.
Then the player on the right reads out a new card without showing it. The goal now is to guess whether this new card is milder or worse than the base, or somewhere in between.
Are you guessing right? Then you put the card in the row. Whoever has the first 10 cards wins the game!